Mohsen M.

Mohsen M. Portfolio Mohsen M. Portfolio

Mohsen M. Portfolio Mohsen M. Portfolio

Mohsen M. Portfolio Mohsen M. Portfolio

About Me

I am Mohsen, but you can call me Bumbleboss. I work as a Product Designer / Front-end Engineer, sometimes both. When not working, I can be found gaming and binge-watching TV shows.

I am an individual with wide-ranging interests, who thrives on the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems. I always enjoy collaborating with people on shared interests and believe that hard work leads to good results.

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Skill Set

design & prototyping tools

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Primarily used it to design logos and vector-based graphics. Have done brochures, icons, and most of the content you currently see on the website.

  • Adobe Photoshop

    My first experience with design was creating headers and profile pictures for YouTube channels. My venture grew further along with my skill set.

  • Adobe XD

    Being in the Adobe ecosystem drove me to try most of its apps. It made me use Adobe XD for UI designs and prototyping for a good user experience.

  • LaTeX

    By far the best tool for creating reports, technical documents, and more. Mathematical equations have never looked better before!

  • Affinity Design

    I started using it to increase my skill set and familiarize myself with alternative apps. Seeing the differences made me work on adapting more tools.

  • Affinity Photo

    You should look into Affinity Personas. It is the very thing I favour over anything else offered by its alternatives which is pretty sweet too!

  • Figma

    Figma jokes aside, the app is very mature and satisfies my needs. I switched from Adobe XD to Figma because of the numerous options it provides for you.


  • Java

    My first programming language! I created a Discord bot and integrated API wrappers (with Gradle) into it. You can find them on GitHub.

  • JavaScript

    I dabbled in Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Node.js, and much more. As new frameworks are born, new interests come to life.

  • HTML & CSS

    Template engines (EJS, HBS) and CSS preprocessors (SCSS) greatly ease the process when working on complex projects.

  • Git

    Being able to view changes in a file or a directory in a very detailed manner is the very thing Git does. Absolutely a must for teams.


  • zerocool


    First I would like to thank Mohsen for his hard work, he works extremely fast and had a great understanding of requirements and what needs to be done for our project. I would definitely use his services in the future and recommend him.

  • Davd


    Mohsen is very easy to work with and quick to reply with any questions or feedback you may have. He works with you in a transparent manner such that there is fluid communication between him and his client.

  • Igor K.

    I'll hire him again in a heartbeat.

  • Danny


    We put out an ad on a discord channel and Mohsen responded with a message, introducing himself and his portfolio with all of his previous work. He came across brilliantly asking for more details about the project, which to me means he had an interest in helping me and my team straight away. His portfolio showed how professional his designs were and how much time and effort he would put into the tasks that he was asked to do. I highly recommend him for anyone’s designs, he will talk directly to you and not stop working until he has captured your vision.

  • Vocodah

    Beatbox Arena

    I was looking to build a website for my personal brand. Mohsen was super responsive in the process of creating everything I was looking for in my website! I will definitely be doing more business! :)

  • RealJGJ

    Mohsen is a very hard-determine worker when it comes to his tasks. He will never disappoint in delivering the highest quality graphics that you need as a costumer. He will never perform lazy on the graphics he give his all in everything. I appreciate him as a costumer and the two high-quality logo that he made me.