A responsive and minimalistic logo for a coder that goes by the name CodingBobby, also known as Bob.

year 2020
roles logo designer
CodingBobby Banner

Midnight Crisis

Bob, a good friend of mine, wanted a logo for his portfolio, mainly to use as a favicon. He messaged me at 12 AM asking for one, quoted, "I WANT YOUR PURE IMAGINATION". Jokes aside, the logo is to be coding related, responsive and easy on the eyes. This was the result:

codingbobby iterations

Simple and says what it's related to. This was also a byproduct of the logo but got scratched as it was deemed unnecessary.

codingbobby byproduct


If you visit Bob's portfolio, you will see the logo being used as a favicon, clear and visible. And if you fancy more, you will find them at the bottom right of the attractor renders.

codingbobby preview

The original post with much higher quality can be found here.