An internet radio station based on the doomer meme with an old CRT TV aesthetic.

year 2021
roles web designer, frontend developer Banner

About the request

Create a website that plays audio from a radio station for the user. The website's interface should be minimal and translated into one similar to a television menu, the CRT one. Here's what the inspiration came from:

doomer fm inspiration

Taking all that into consideration, I produced a couple of drafts. The design on the right got favoured the most. With that as the base, the rest of the design went smoothly.

doomer fm samples


Because the website's aesthetic should be of an old CRT TV, some effects had to be applied to the page to give that feeling. CRT TVs were known for their flashing start-up with static noise. I took the flashing and used it on the website as the first screen to see.

The controls of the interface are also an essential factor of the website. The interface was designed to accommodate it while maintaining the aesthetic. With a couple of tweaks and feedback, this was the final result:


Honestly, this was an exciting project. After having the controls enabled for the site, the fulfilment was great. I hope to receive similar projects in the future!