Nightcore Familia

A logo for a Discord server owned by Kirito. Using the initials of the server name as the structure for the logo.

year 2019
roles logo & header designer
Nightcore Familia Banner


Nightcore Familia's name reminded me a lot of the anime "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" also known as "Danmachi", so I figured I would look into the familia emblems that are in the anime as an inspiration. It didn't end well, but that gave me a simple yet effective idea.

nightcore familia logo idea

Smart, right? Surprisngly, it was loved by the Discord server members. Beauty can come even from the simplest things. The structure is inspired by mythological structures, which also fits the "familia" vibe.

On that end, I used the logo to create other assets for the server and YouTube channel.

nightcore familia designs