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Standard Financial

about the project

An investment research platform that provides a large suite of financial data, enabling investors of all types to access professional investment research.

dateWinter 2023
  • Product Designer
Preview image of Standard Financial website pages in a mosaic grid layout, showcasing the landing page and page components.


In 2021, I got recruited by an AI startup to be part of its design team, now known as Standard Financial. They needed a graphic designer specializing in UI / UX to assist in crafting the web designs for their launch.

I started working with the team by designing the landing page for Standard Financial. The designs were done as sprints on a weekly basis. Here is one of the results:

/standard financial landing page

Web Interface

After completing the landing page, I got tasked with designing portions of the interface of their product. Their product covered a lot of financial data from different fields and was required to be simple and intuitive, targeting a large spectrum of users.

/standard financial interface


Earnings Calendar Page
It contains components visualizing the financial data with interactivity in mind. In addition, the charts had a "?" for the user to understand what each data presented.

/standard financial earnings calendar page

Support Page
As a startup, it is always a must to have a support page ready for user feedback. You can also see the states of a component in the design.

/standard financial support page

Handover to developers

At the end of a design sprint, it is required to document the design for developers. This is necessary to maintain consistency between the design and translated code.

/standard financial handover

Logo design

The previews above initially did not have the current logo because the design of the web interface was the top priority. When the interface design reached a satisfactory stage, the decision to work on the logo design started. Below you can see the chosen concept as well as the other concepts:

/standard financial logos

Digital Assets

Among many designs, some were more fun to work on. We did brochures, email templates, and even desktop wallpapers. Who wouldn't want a custom desktop wallpaper, right?

/standard financial brochure /standard financial emails /standard financial wallpapers


This is but a percentage of what had been worked on, a lot more is still under the works and hopefully will be out and published for all to see. Thank you for reading!