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UK Circuit

about the project

The UK Circuit is a collection of FACEIT Hubs designed to increase the potential of the UK & Irish scene.

dateSpring 2020
  • UI / UX Designer
  • Frontend Engineer
Tilted view of UK Circuit website featuring the landing page, report page, and join page.

Feb 01, 2021 Update

UK Circuit has been acquired by Team Endpoint and changed its name to UKI Circuit. So if you're reading the case below and find inconsistencies with the live website, you know!

How it started

The UK Circuit wanted to establish a website that would increase the attraction of CSGO players in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For that, it had to be informative for new and current players. Accordingly, we decided on the structure of the pages:

  • Home - the front page of the website
  • Join - guidance for new players
  • Leaderboard - motivate players' performance
/uk circuit home /uk circuit join /uk circuit leaderboard

The other crucial point of the website is to create a platform for players and staff members to send, manage, and view reports.

Why a new one?

The reporting system the UK Circuit previously had contained a few issues that needed addressing:

  • Inefficient management of the reports among staff members
  • The authenticity of a report
  • Unavailability for the player to view their report unless directly reaching a staff member Considering these issues, we decided on the logic behind the report management page.


First & Third problem: The website included an admin and user page dedicated to viewing submitted reports. This eliminated both the inefficiency and players' inability to view their reports' status.

Second problem:
The report page can only be accessed by players within the hub, and the form would automatically fill in data related to the player, such as the match and player they want to report.

/uk circuit report