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Breakers Store

about the project

An online store dealing with game purchases or wallet funds for online gaming platforms at competitive prices.

dateSpring 2021
  • Logo Designer
  • Social Media Designer
Banner of Breakers Store.

A connection is a future client.

I got approached by a colleague's friend who wanted to change their brand design, specifically their Facebook profile and header. They wanted a brand that would tell the audience right away that it is a game store. With that, I designed four drafts.

/breakers store initial logo design

The bottom right was their favourite which I continued further with and created the rest of the brand according to it.

Brand design

My approach to creating a brand for social media is to start with the header. Why? It covers most of what the brand offers; if that is done, the rest will follow swiftly. The colours they wanted were navy blue, red and white.

/breakers store variations

The white variation seemed to have potential but we settled with the blue variation, it fit what they wanted.

Long-term side gig!

The designs were well-liked enough that the client wanted me to design posters for them on a monthly basis. I enjoyed it because, from one side, I was up-to-date with game prices (Surprise, I am into gaming!) , and on another, I got to post related content on my almost dead DeviantArt account.

Below is a simplified process of what I do for the posters. Great game, definitely recommend playing.

/breakers store poster